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A locked steering wheel will prevent the ignition key from turning. To unlock the wheel, turn it from side to side with one hand while simultaneously turning the key with the other. A slight turn will unlock the wheel.


The first recommended service for your Toyota should be completed in six months or once you've reached 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Most Toyota vehicles run on regular unleaded fuel with an octane reading of 86-87. Exceptions to the rule will be noted in the Owner's Manuel. The Land Cruiser, 4Runner, and Sequoia recommend an octane reading of 91.


A burning smell may be detected from your new car for the first few hundred miles. This is the smell of the Cosmolene coating added at the factory before shipping the car to prevent corrosion.


Your vehicle may start to tick once it's parked; this is usually the catalytic converter and the heat from the heat shields that are beginning to contract. The contracting of these parts is what makes the ticking noise. Cooling fans are designed to run after the vehicle is shut off. If the engine compartment is hot, it will turn the fans on to cool itself down and prevent the fuel in the system from vaporizing. Sometimes it will take 2-3 minutes before the fans turn on and they can run for up to 15 minutes after the vehicle has been turned off. Be careful working around the vehicle until the engine cools down.


Brake dust on the outside of the wheels is normal. It is usually charcoal gray in color and can be removed by washing the wheels. All Toyota brake pads have a warning bar built into them purposely to indicate when it is close to time to replace the brakes. The bar creates a high-pitched squealing noise. It's important to replace them soon so that you prevent damage to the rotors.


The air conditioner generates the coldest air when the vents are in the recirculation mode. When trying to defrost the windows, the A/C system may come on initially to dehumidify the air, which causes windows to defrost faster. Prior to turning the car off, place the vent in the fresh air mode. This helps prevent the development of mildew in the system.


This indicator light is part of the emission system. When this light is illuminated there can be hundreds of reasons for the warning. The most common cause is an improperly sealed gas cap. If you recently refueled and the light comes on, try tightening your gas cap until you hear it click three times. The light may take several miles to reset itself. The only time you need to worry about the check engine light is if the light is flashing. This means something serious is going on with the vehicle and driving may damage the vehicle. When in doubt, call the service department at Toyota of El Cajon, and we'd be happy to assist you.


The maintenance light is a timer that usually comes on to notify the driver that a service is required. The timer will flash at about 4,500 miles and remain on once the vehicle exceeds 5,000 miles. At your earliest convenience, contact the service department to schedule a service. The light can be reset by depressing the odometer button (make sure that it.s not on a trip reading) and turning the key to the off position. Continue holding the button, and turn the key to the On/Accessories position. When the dash lights in the odometer disappear, you can release the button.

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